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Grace & Mila

GRACE & MILA is collection of artful, ready- to- wear pieces designed to enhance to the natural beauty of every woman, and every character. Feminine, polished and refined, this collection brings the elegance of Parisian fashion to your wardrobe. 

Founded in Paris in 2011 by three siblings, Together they draw on the richness of their dual Franco-Chinese culture to combine expertise and quality.

The brand carries a timeless elegance in it's DNA, enhanced by the icons from which inspired the name. Grace for the princely charm of Grace Kelly, and Mila, a lucky name in Eastern Europe, to evoke the beloved woman of the people.

Above all, Grace & Mila is a shared dream. a family of more than a hundred artisans, stylists, salespeople and many others, who help to ensure that every woman finds herself in the collections season after season.

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